Information about advertising jumps

Dear friends,

We have the honour to introduce our offer for performing parachutist jumps with advertising parachute.

Advertising jumps

Only few sporting outfits hold spectators' attention like the parachute during the parachutist jump. We use this fact when advertising companies according to the following offer.
It is possible to make a parachute canopy in company colours and company logo can be placed on the bottom part We perform 80 - 100 jumps yearly with such a parachute, in competitions, during advertising and exhibition paradrops on public actions, air days, collective actions and advertising campaigns. Thanks to increasing public interest in aerial sports, a lot of spectators participate in such actions, as well as sponsor firms and television companies. Every company can use advertising parachute also for taking advertising photographs, posters, film shots and for other advertising purpose.

Realization of mentioned propagation consists in:

  • buying parachute with the company logo, the parachute durability is min. 15 years
  • advertising jumps are paid by paraclub, sponsors or organizers of actions

  • We shall be pleased to provide you more information about using advertising parachute and performing exhibition jumps.

    More information: +420 604 642 361